Among many other aspects considered by expecting parents, cord blood banking has become a recent matter of concern. Actually, according to the present trend and analysis, only 5% of the parents donate the cord blood. This is all because of the lack of information and awareness. If right information is provided to all the people, it will be really easy for the parents to take a decision about donating the cord blood of their child. After all, if you do not donate or preserve it, it will all be wasted and serve no use. There are many other Cord blood banking facts discussed in this article for your awareness about this emerging trend.

The process of cord blood banking

The basic purpose is to store the stem cells present in the umbilical form for the use of cure of multiple diseases. In the main process, only the extraction is not done. The proper preservation of blood takes place in order to make it feasible for later use. First of all, you take the blood to any desired cord blood bank and get registered. Then proper tests are being conducted on this blood to access the condition of the blood. Once the test is clear and the blood is ready to preserve, the preservation is done through a defined procedure. After making the blood capable of saving for a long time, it is put in a freezer.

Types of cord blood banks

There are basically three types of cord blood banks that can provide you with the services of preserving your child’s umbilical cord blood. These types are public, private, and direct donation banks. In the private banks, a proper fee is charged by the person placing it for preservation. Then a yearly maintenance fee is charged that is for the preservation of blood for a long period of time. In the case of public cord blood banks, there is no fee charged but the blood is also not preserved for anyone. The donated blood is used for the purpose of serving the general public. In the last type, direct-donation banks, there is no fee and they also preserve the blood for the family members of a child for the later use. Any family member can use this blood if they suffer from any problem in later years of life.

Disadvantages of banking the cord blood

Although there are many benefits of cord blood banking, but there are also certain drawbacks of this procedure. The main problem is that while collecting the cord blood, you need a sufficient amount so that it will be used later, but in almost half of the cases, the amount collected do not match with the minimum criteria. This becomes totally useless. Although you save the cord blood from your child, but there are very fewer chances that it will be used for his or her own benefit if he has any problem later in life. These are some important Cord blood banking facts that must be known by everyone.

In recent times, people are more concerned about their fitness and body shape. Due to this, the market is flooding with supplements, diet programs, and other weight loss products. All these products claim to be a major challenge for the potential user to choose the best weight loss product or diet program. In this post, we will talk about GOLO diet reviews that will help you to choose this product for your weight loss goals as it is one of the most popular and most searched weight loss diet program.

What is GOLO Diet Exactly?

GOLO diet is basically a weight loss product that was designed by Dr. Keith Ablow with the team of doctors and dietitians. This diet is a nutritional supplements combo that reduces the insulin resistance in the human body which is a major cause of weight gain. This diet plan is designed to boost the weight loss goals of its users and help to maintain the results for a longer period of time. The aim of this program is that user will not have the diet program again in future.

The GOLO diet has 3 major parts system that helps you to lose weight including losing weight, look best and love healthy life. This basis of this system is that if you want to lose weight, you are not supposed to count the calories of your food rather than you are supposed to control insulin levels.

How does GOLO diet plan Work?

The GOLO diet program is all about the management of the insulin levels in your body. Insulin is one of the important hormones that are produced due to pancreases that make up the digestive system of your body. As you know when to take your food which is high in carbohydrates your blood levels incline to raise that triggers the release of insulin in the body. The function of insulin is to move the glucose out of your blood into the liver that is used as energy. Nonetheless, the high levels of insulin restrict the capability of your body to burn extra fat. Then the GOLO diet helps you to maintain the insulin level of your body and giving the ability to your body to burn stored fats steadily.


Basically, this weight loss diet is designed to improve insulin and glucose levels when you take these foods which have a low glycemic index. The expected results after using the GOLO diet (GOLO diet reviews) are better sleeping, feeling well, about 2 inches weight reduction, lose up to 4 pounds per week within first 30 days, more energy, steady weight loss, suppress appetite, more vitality, no conventional dieting and look better.


This GOLO diet reviews will give you the better idea if you want to lose some extra pounds. You can lose up to 2lbs. per week claimed by GOLO diet website. Also, according to its official website, you can lose19 to 129 lbs. in 26 to 102 weeks with5 to 12 inches’ reduction in waist measurements.


Instagram can be used for both, for the personal use as well as the business purpose. But not by making the account on Instagram is enough. You need to use some techniques that will let you use your Instagram account effectively.

Creation and Optimization of Profile

First of all, after installing Instagram on your mobile phone, you need to create your profile and add the required information about you. By adding your information you will let your followers know about you. To get more following, buy followers from this trusted source. Make one thing sure that you should use a unique and creative name for your profile on Instagram that could be easily identifiable by the people.

Then promote your Instagram profile by adding its links to other social media pages and websites that you use so that your fan following may increase. And you should also keep trying to be updated and post the things that raise the number of followers you’re having.

Uploading Photos

Instagram is basically a photo-sharing social media platform so you can take the photos of you if it’s a personal account and of your business in case of a business account. These photos when added to your account will surely help you to gain more followers.

Using hashtags

buy instagram story viewsUsing hashtags is a trick that most of the social media users are engaged with. By using relevant hashtags, you could make your photo get exposed to a large variety of audience. It allows you to link with completely unfamiliar people and thus it is the easy way for anyone to search for the stuff they are looking for by using the hashtags.

You don’t need to add spaces and unnecessary things to the hashtags and must remember that the hashtags used by you must be readable and simple.


You need to take care of the time you are uploading a photo to Instagram. Your post must be at that time of the day when a maximum of your followers are available to see your photo and like or comment it.

Consistent Posting

Consistent posting of pictures is necessary for the effective use of the Instagram account. It keeps you to stay connected with people and thus people will know more about your or your business. Being consistent will let you have more followers than before and gain more likes and comments. 

How to use Instagram effectively by Business Accounts

Promoting your brand via social media platforms has always been the best choice and Instagram in this regard is the good option where one can share the pictures with a wider audience.

There are some key steps that help in using Instagram effectively by the business owners.

Uploading Photos

Customers and audience are usually attracted towards pictures and posting good pictures of your business leave a long-lasting impression on a follower’s mind. You could post pictures of your workplace, of the events and celebrations that you’ve conducted or of the products and services of your business. This will let the customers know more about you and also let you have increased followers.

Holding Contests

For more people engagement, try to hold contests and competitions by sticking to the business of yours and through this way you are going to attract a large audience and also customers for your business.

The digital content market has been on a boost and has reached the maturing stage of its life. With the increase in trend of digital content marketing companies need to make such content campaigns and marketing strategies that keep up with that.

Companies need to make sure that the content of the brand shall reach or should resonate with the targeted audience for must, no matter which strategy you apply a good content will come up as a good addition.

With the advancement of traditional publishing, digital marketing has been able to follow the exact trajectory until today. It is always interesting to get a positive reaction from the user or from the follower.

From the perspective of a brand, it is important to create and distribute the compelling content using social media. Using and adapting the modern approach is best for social media content marketing in future.

The top four social media content marketing trends that must be used for Creating a Brand on Social Media in 2018 are;

Investing more in talent; by now, companies have been to realize the importance and have acknowledged the importance of social media for creating brand awareness and getting a consumer engagement point. Companies will continue to emphasize on the importance of investing in a good social media strategy but at this point, they should also focus on hiring individuals and graduates who are able to generate a good consistent stream of real content for social media platform specifically.

A mobile-friendly content; social media is used more on smartphones than laptops or tablets. There are many different social media applications that do not work on a laptop so are used only on smartphones. Facebook has been found to be the top app used on smartphones. So the marketers need to keep this in mind and have to draw such strategies that are more mobile friendly. Instagram is the main platform that is being used for marketing brands. Snapchat is also another good platform for engaging the attention of a consumer.

Using a more rich content; People working in marketing fields should know that only a rich content is a more engaging content. Rich content is the content that is able to gain the interaction of the user. Videos are generally known to gain most of the attraction of the user.

The user-generated content as leverage; many people now trust the recommendations provided by other users. Consumers now trust the opinions provided and posted online. There are consumers who also believe ads provided online. Therefore you can get 100 Followers On Instagram to cover this aspect. Consumers are known trusting the opinion so opinions thus have now a major influence on others. So brands are now leveraging the user-generated content as in they now prefers to report the post or the photo liked by their users. Not just this but the consumer generated posts are now being used as conducting or starting a social media campaign. Consumer’s preferences and their opinion has thus gained much importance now.