Among many other aspects considered by expecting parents, cord blood banking has become a recent matter of concern. Actually, according to the present trend and analysis, only 5% of the parents donate the cord blood. This is all because of the lack of information and awareness. If right information is provided to all the people, it will be really easy for the parents to take a decision about donating the cord blood of their child. After all, if you do not donate or preserve it, it will all be wasted and serve no use. There are many other Cord blood banking facts discussed in this article for your awareness about this emerging trend.

The process of cord blood banking

The basic purpose is to store the stem cells present in the umbilical form for the use of cure of multiple diseases. In the main process, only the extraction is not done. The proper preservation of blood takes place in order to make it feasible for later use. First of all, you take the blood to any desired cord blood bank and get registered. Then proper tests are being conducted on this blood to access the condition of the blood. Once the test is clear and the blood is ready to preserve, the preservation is done through a defined procedure. After making the blood capable of saving for a long time, it is put in a freezer.

Types of cord blood banks

There are basically three types of cord blood banks that can provide you with the services of preserving your child’s umbilical cord blood. These types are public, private, and direct donation banks. In the private banks, a proper fee is charged by the person placing it for preservation. Then a yearly maintenance fee is charged that is for the preservation of blood for a long period of time. In the case of public cord blood banks, there is no fee charged but the blood is also not preserved for anyone. The donated blood is used for the purpose of serving the general public. In the last type, direct-donation banks, there is no fee and they also preserve the blood for the family members of a child for the later use. Any family member can use this blood if they suffer from any problem in later years of life.

Disadvantages of banking the cord blood

Although there are many benefits of cord blood banking, but there are also certain drawbacks of this procedure. The main problem is that while collecting the cord blood, you need a sufficient amount so that it will be used later, but in almost half of the cases, the amount collected do not match with the minimum criteria. This becomes totally useless. Although you save the cord blood from your child, but there are very fewer chances that it will be used for his or her own benefit if he has any problem later in life. These are some important Cord blood banking facts that must be known by everyone.

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